A Run and gun style first-person shooter with an emphasis on advanced movement mechanics and punishing players for being stationary. The Game takes place in a dystopian future where mercenaries battle in arena combat to become the champion and win their way into the social elite. In this project, I focused on: Movement mechanics, Tutorial level design, creating a weapons system.

GDD and concept development

The first step in the design process was to create a basic design document to get the ideas on paper and identify the mechanics that would have to be implemented, mechanics such as :

  • Advanced movement system

  • Grappling hook

  • Primary weapons

  • Secondary bolt shot

  • Shields that de-activate when stationary for 2 seconds

First Pass

In the first pass, I designed the tutorial level to entail multiple sections for each type of training. I identified 4 unique play spaces: 

  • Shooting Range

  • Wall run room

  • grappling hook room

  • Time trial

Creating the 2D Level Layout 

The 2D design process consisted of multiple passes with feedback from my mentor on what to improve on each pass.

Initial block out

Merc FPS

Second Pass

After feedback from peers and my mentor i decided to make the level more linear to guide the player through each system in a sequential order before they attempt the time trial. 

The play spaces identified in the second itteration were:

  • System Introductions

  • Firing range

  • Time trial

Initial Level Blockout

The block out process started with the walls and basic shapes to gauge the playable space and scale. The environment  was then detailed with basic props to fill the play space

Detailing level

Trialmerc V2.png
Trialmerc v3.png

Adding Functionality

The Following Gameplay Elements were scripted:

  1. Hit-Scan Weapon 

  2. Weapon Reload and magazine size

  3. Destructible Targets

  4. Parkour movement component

  5. Grappling hook

  6. Objective HUD

  7. Objective Tracking 

  8. A countdown timer for the trial run