Rogue Incantation

The Boss Fight was created for the dwarven mines where the player faces the skeleton king. Depending on health he either does an area attack or summons the undead to fight alongside him. 

Boss Fight

Game Overview

Rogue Incantation is a 3rd person RPG set in a fantasy world. You take the role of an adventurer gifted with the arcane. You will explore, scavenge and fight to unlock the secrets of Drabroxus. I focused on Visual Storytelling, Advanced Gameplay Scripting, Level Design, and world-building.

Visual Storytelling in Level Design

Being an open-world environment the focus was placed on telling interesting stories through level design to keep the player immersed in the world. Because of the open-world nature, each plane had to feel distinctly unique from the rest. 

Unique Enemies

The game currently has 4 unique enemies each with their attacks and health.

Melee skeleton- Fast and unarmed can swarm the player.

Armored skeleton- Slow and equipped with a sword that does more damage.

Mages- Undead sorcerers that fire projectiles at the player and can withstand some melee attacks

Skeleton King- A Boss which has more health and can summon Armored Skeletons as well as Melee Skeletons

Magic System

At the core of the combat is the magic system which consists of 4 types of magic: Fire, Ice, Water, and Dark magic. Each of these has unique trade-offs and playstyles.

Dialogue System

The dialogue System was crafted to bring NPC's to life and enrich the world you play in. The System started with the creation of the NPC with a camera placed for the dialog perspectives. It was then implemented using Blueprints to change the Camera and controls to the dialogue mode and create the dialogue interface. I used Behavior trees to act as dialogue trees with multiple replies depending on what the player chooses to say.

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