A Block out and a rapid prototype was done during my first semester at CG Spectrum. The level was created for Call of Duty Modern Warfare. The design process started at the level concept and 2D block out revisions and ended in a playable Whitebox level with scripted events and semi-linear objectives. In this project, I focused on: 2D level design, level block out and doing a rapid prototype.

Concept and Objectives 

The first step in the design process was defining the high-level concept and objectives of the map. The level would be a cinema that has become the target of a terrorist attack and the player would be sent in with his team to eliminate the targets and defuse the bomb.
A flow chart was then created to visually define the flow of the map.

Creating the 2D Level Layout 

The 2D design process consisted of multiple passes with feedback from my mentor on what to improve on each pass.

First Pass

In the first pass, I designed a cinema based on my local cinema. I identified 5 unique play spaces: 

  • Entrance/Lobby

  • Hallways

  • Projector Rooms

  • Cinema rooms

  • Fire Escape

Cinema Flow Chart.png
Cinema 2D V2.png
Cinema 2D V3.png

Second Pass

The feedback allowed me to identify a few fundamental problems with the design:

  • The Level was too bland with all the cinema rooms being the same 

  • The alternate toots needed to be expanded upon with rooms such as a managers office to make the level more immersive

On the second pass, i also detailed the level more by including elements such as ques for the snack stand and ticket booth and promo stands to fill in the level.

Initial Level Blockout

The block out process started with the walls and basic shapes to gauge the playable space and scale. The environment  was then detailed with basic props to fill the play space


FPS Cinema Level

Adding Functionality

The Following Game play Elements were scripted to create a playable Prototype :

  1. Hit-Scan Weapon 

  2. Weapon Reload and magazine size

  3. Destructible Enemies

  4. Intractable Bomb and Intel

  5. Bomb Defuse 

  6. Objective HUD

  7. Objective Tracking 

  8. Countdown timer that ends the game

  9. Hostages that fail mission when shot