Aspiring game design student specializing in Level Design and Gameplay Scripting

Featured Projects

Project Rapture

Project Rapture is a zombie-themed open world game that I created as a side project. While it started as a test project for some assets, it spiraled into a fully playable game with a build system, main menu, zombie spawn system, and an NPC dialogue system. Definitely a challenge, but some of the most fun I've had!

Lamedom Foothils.png
Lamedon Foothills 

My first Solo project for the Kingdoms of Arda Mod for Mount and Blade Bannerlord. I was part of the 30 person team for the biggest Lord of the Rings mod for the game and created this level using World Machine to craft the terrain and using the mod tools to create the details and navmesh of the level.

Rogue Incantation

Rogue Incantation is a 3rd person RPG set in a fantasy world. You take the role of an adventurer gifted with the arcane. You will explore, scavenge and fight to unlock the secrets of Drabroxus. I focused on Visual Storytelling, Advanced Gameplay Scripting, Level Design, and world-building.


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